About Us

Howes Specialist Certificated Bailiffs was formed in February 2003 by Elisabeth Lombardo. As a highly experienced Enforcement Officer who realised that after spending considerable years within the industry that the time had come to challenge the old fashioned approach with which clients and defendants were treated. Hence the company was born.

Due to continued success Howes Bailiffs Ltd was formed in October 2004. Over the past nineteen years the Company has invested considerably with a full upgrade to the bailiff computer system which in return has increased efficiency in the processing of instructions and client remittances. The investment programme is ongoing with the introduction of:

Although the Company has only been trading for a relatively short period of time, we maintain the utmost professional integrity.

All our Enforcement Officers undergo a continual assessment programme which enables us to assist with training requirements and further increase and exceed our levels of service. All Officers are Certificated and actively encouraged to become a member to the Association of Civil Enforcement Agencies and other related professional bodies, thus enforcing our policy to maintain a high understanding of all legislations and laws, new and old. As a result of this experience and knowledge, we at Howes are confident to be able to offer a personal service to surpass client expectations.

As a Company we hold numerous contracts for clients’ varying from Local Authorities to the Private Sector across the South and South East of England, these include:

The commercial rent arrears recovery known as CRAR pursuant to section 73 (8) of the Tribunal, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and The Taking of Goods Regulations 2013 allows you to instruct enforcement agents to recover the rent due. The rent must be 7 days overdue and be for a commercial premises only not mixed commercial/or residential use premises. The enforcement agents office must give Notice of Enforcement (at least 7 clear days before exercising CRAR)

To instruct us, simply complete the 'Warrant of Control Form' which can be found by clicking here 

We affect forfeiture or repossesion by peaceably re-entering the demised premises and changing the locks.

We understand that this is a very upsetting time for the tenant and therefore avoid unnecessary distress.

To instruct us, simply complete the 'Forfeiture of Tenants Leases Form' which can be found by clicking here

A property based Tax on domestic properties paid to Local Authorities by Individuals and / or Limited Companies to help pay for the services provided.

A Liability Order must be granted by a Magistrates Court before the Local Authority can instruct Civil Enforcement Agents to collect the balances owing on their behalf. From the 6th April 2014 Howes Bailiffs will be using CRAR to recover Non Domestic Rates and Council Tax. Howes recognise that the recovery of local taxation is a serious business, a business that requires an effective and professional approach.

Howes are totally committed to providing clients with a bespoke service that combines the required sensitivity with high collection rates.

To instruct us, please simply complete our online enquiry form 

A Warrant authorising us to apprehend an individual and bring that person to Court.

There are two types of Arrest Warrant, one with Bail the other without Bail.

All bail warrants are executed within 72 hours of receiving the warrant.

All arrest warrants are executed on specified dates agreed with the Client.

Over the years Howes highly experienced team of dedicated Enforcement Warrant Officers have successfully executed all Warrants of Arrest with & without Bail. Under the direct supervision of one of our Office Managers clients are assured that specific resources are used in this specialised field of working. The key to success is to call at various times of the day and evening in order to prompt a response from the defendant. Once contact is made the Warrant Officer has to use experience and skills to ensure attendance at Court is achieved.

To instruct us, please simply complete our online enquiry form

Service of process is the procedure employed to give legal notice to a person (such as a defendant) of a court or administrative body's exercise of its jurisdiction over that person so as to enable that person to respond to the proceeding before the court, body or other tribunal. Usually, notice is furnished by delivering a set of court documents (called 'process') to the person to be served.

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Howes can supply clients with accurate, up to date information regarding a subject's current residential or business address. There are many reasons why you may need to trace an individual or an organisation; from locating people who have genuinely forgotten to inform you of their change of address, to the all too common case of the evasive debtor who simply refuses to pay. Whatever the reason for your search without the best tools and technology at your fingertips, this can be a long complex and expensive course of action. Howes detailed approach to Tracing allows us to process all trace cases in a professional structured way, which guarantees that our Clients at all times are receiving both high quality information and maximum results at each and every stage of the recovery process. Through the use of our specialist tracing service, we can process all 'gone away' accounts using the latest industry software, whilst providing up-to date, accurate information on the new whereabouts of debtors. All cases are processed quickly, accurately and efficiently - with the sole aim of supplying high quality information regarding a subject's current residential or business address. In our experience, it's extremely difficult to disappear completely.

To instruct us, please simply complete our online enquiry form